The Office Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the company’s office operations run smoothly and are successful in supporting other business activities. The Office Administrator is responsible for overall front office activities, including the reception area, mail, large purchasing requests, and the whole main office.

Hands-on 2+ years of recent experience in administrative management or office management handling governmental relationships and on-site as well as off-site responsibilities in India.

  • Excellent organizational, time-management, and team-playing skills.
  • Strong cross-cultural and interpersonal skills, including the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Knowledge of and experience with computers and office machines.
  • Fluent in English, Hindi, with excellent writing/editing, verbal communication
  • Experience in rotating equipment like pumps, valves, seals, Fluid sealing related products is an additional advantage

Ahmadabad | Madhya Pradesh | Chhattisgarh | Odisha | Nigeria | Zimbabwe

We are looking for a tech-savvy sales engineer to assist with the selling of complex scientific and technological products or services. The Sales Engineer’s responsibilities include maintaining extensive knowledge of the products’ parts, functions, and processes and assisting to close sales where technical expertise may be required to fit the clients’ needs. To be successful as a sales engineer, you should possess an in-depth knowledge of our company’s technical products and services and you should be able to relate this knowledge in a way that is understandable to non-technical customers. You should be driven to achieve your sales goals and should have excellent sales and customer service skills.

• Preparing and developing technical presentations to explain our company’s products
or services to customers
• Discussing equipment needs and system requirements with customers and engineers
• Collaborating with sales teams to understand customer requirements and provide
sales support
• Generating high-quality sales leads, following up after initial contact, securing and
renewing orders, negotiating prices, completing sales, and arranging deliveries
• Researching, developing and modifying products to meet customers’ technical
requirements and needs
• Helping customers who have problems with installed products and recommending
improved or upgraded materials and machinery
• Soliciting and logging client feedback and evaluating the data to create new sales
and marketing strategies to target customers
• Identifying areas for improvement and communicating these issues as well as
possible solutions to upper management
• Setting and achieving sales goals and quotas
• Training other members of the sales team on the technical aspects of the company’s
products and services

• A bachelor’s degree/Diploma in engineering, marketing, business administration,
or related field
• Experience in sales and the manufacturing field
• Strong communication, interpersonal, customer service, and sales skills
• The ability to relate technical information to non-technical customers
• Excellent technical and problem-solving skills
• Good leadership and team working skills
• Willingness to continue your sales and engineering education
• Strong Computer skills
• Proficiency in English and Hindi other languages is an added benefit

We are looking for a skilled CAD drafter to generate solid and surface CAD models for our clients using AutoCAD or Solids Works software. In this role, you will be required to meet with Design engineers to discuss design concepts for CAD models, develop product designs, and generate Surface or Solid software models. To ensure success as an CAD drafter, you should have extensive experience working with CAD software’s, advanced design skills, and a keen eye for detail. Ultimately, a top-class CAD drafter can design and create high-level design models that meet all the specifications of the client and ready models for a smooth manufacturing.


• Meeting with designers, and engineers to discuss design ideas
• Developing product designs from scratch
• Presenting rough design drafts for client approval
• Ensuring product designs meet required safety and structural standards
• Generating Solid and Surface CAD models using AutoCAD software or Solid works
• Blending technique and aesthetics to create final designs
• Presenting various design perspectives for construction improvements and
• Finalizing AutoCAD models
• Presenting models to clients
• Maintaining and generating Job reports
• Bachelor’s degree/ Diploma/ITI in Mechanical Engineering
• Previous work experience as an CAD designer
• Advanced knowledge of various CAD and AutoCAD software
• Advanced knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering
• Knowledge of safety and structure regulations
• Excellent technical design skills
• Good communication skills
• Converse in primarily Hindi and English, other languages is an added benefit
• A keen eye for aesthetics and detail
• Strong Computer Skills
• Ability to project manage
• Portfolio of previous product designs and draft examples

How to Apply

Sent your detailed resume to