Double Cartridge seals

    Double Cartridge Mechanical Seals

    Double cartridge mechanical seals are a type of mechanical seal that consists of two separate cartridges, each with its own set of seal faces, springs, and secondary sealing elements. The two cartridges are mounted face-to-face on a sleeve, providing a redundant sealing system.The design of double cartridge mechanical seals provides increased safety and reliability by providing a backup sealing system in case of failure. They are commonly used in critical applications such as in the oil and gas industry, chemical processing, and wastewater treatment.

    BJSEAL offers a comprehensive range of high-quality double cartridge mechanical seals designed for various industrial applications, including pumps, mixers, and agitators. Our seals are manufactured to the highest standards using only the finest materials, ensuring long-lasting, reliable performance even in the most demanding operating conditions.

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