PTFE Bellow Seals

    PTFE Bellow Mechanical Seals

    PTFE bellow mechanical seals are a type of mechanical seal used in rotating equipment such as pumps and mixers. The seal is designed to prevent leakage of the fluid being pumped or mixed by creating a barrier between the fluid and the external environment.The seal consists of a stationary component, known as the seat, and a rotating component, known as the seal face. The PTFE bellow is a flexible, bellows-shaped component made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a highly durable and chemically resistant material. The bellow is attached to the stationary seat on one end and to the rotating seal face on the other end.

    As the rotating component turns, the PTFE bellow compresses and expands to compensate for the axial movement of the rotating component. This movement helps to maintain a constant contact pressure between the seal faces, which is essential for effective sealing.PTFE bellow mechanical seals are widely used in applications where the fluid being pumped or mixed is corrosive, abrasive or has a high temperature, as PTFE has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand extreme temperatures. They are also suitable for applications where low friction is required, as PTFE has a low coefficient of friction.

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