ABS Pump Mechanical Seals

    ABS pump mechanical seals are critical components of centrifugal pumps used in various industrial applications. These seals are designed to prevent the escape of fluids from the pump and maintain a tight seal between the rotating shaft and the pump housing. OEM mechanical seals are often preferred for their quality and reliability, as they are specifically designed for use with ABS pumps.


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    One popular model of ABS pump mechanical seal is the ABS ASW series, which features a spring-loaded design for consistent contact pressure and a secondary seal to provide extra protection against leakage. Other popular models include the ABS ACF series, which features a compact design for easy installation, and the ABS AWP series, which is designed for high-pressure applications.

    ABS pump mechanical seal part numbers for common models:

    1. ABS ASW Series:
    • 804909: Seal kit for ASW 6-15-1.1
    • 831963: Seal kit for ASW 15-20-3.0
    • 831964: Seal kit for ASW 25-32-4.0
    1. ABS ACF Series:
    • 406163: Seal kit for ACF 8-12-1.1
    • 406164: Seal kit for ACF 15-20-2.2
    • 406165: Seal kit for ACF 25-32-3.0
    1. ABS AWP Series:
    • 406084: Seal kit for AWP 15-20-3.0
    • 406085: Seal kit for AWP 25-32-4.0
    • 406086: Seal kit for AWP 32-40-5.5
    1. ABS AGS Series:
    • 406100: Seal kit for AGS 50-200-14.1
    • 406101: Seal kit for AGS 80-200-15.0
    • 406102: Seal kit for AGS 80-400-22.0
    1. ABS AFL Series:
    • 406092: Seal kit for AFL 50-200-14.1
    • 406093: Seal kit for AFL 80-200-15.0
    • 406094: Seal kit for AFL 80-400-22.0